Thanks so much for inquiring about working with me, let’s see if we’re a match! I am a highly dedicated coach and accountability partner to those I choose to work with, which is why I’m very careful about selecting people to support and train in elevating their life and business. In order to understand your needs, please fill out this application thoroughly and thoughtfully.
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What city & country do you live in?

What is your age range?

Are you single, in a relationship, married or divorced?

Do you currently have a job? If so, what do you do for work?

What are the top 1-2 aspects of your current life that you would like to change (this could be with work/business, relationships, how you feel about yourself, health, energy, finances, etc.)? How long have you wanted this change?

Have you invested in personal development before? If so, what kinds of courses, books, programs or coaches have you been drawn to?

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